Living with your Conservatory

Conservatory Interiors

Now that you have finally decided that you are going to expand your home by adding a new uPVC conservatory, have you found a good installer or got Fully Fitted Conservatory Prices and what else is there to do?

Living with your ConservatoryYou have thought deeply about the thermal qualities of the double glazing, the colour and style of the building frame, made sure that all the doors and windows have good locks and safety glass and are excited about the prospects of seeing it all get finished.

But what about when it’s finished, what are you going to use is the conservatory for?  Is it for study, recreation, work or possibly as a dining room or kitchen “extension”? The way you want to use the space can impact greatly upon what you should be thinking about including both before and after construction.

If we start with looking at the “comfort” levels, and I am referring to the temperature control here, even the best of conservatories will be affected by the weather outside, so you should probably be considering some form of heating in order to take full advantage of the conservatory during colder months of the year. (A cavity brick wall is 10x more efficient at keeping heat inside)

For heating, you could of course use mobile independent heaters, or get hot water / electric wall mounted radiators fitted. The issue with both of these heating methods is that they will take up space and if you have full glass sides to your conservatory then you just can’t mount radiators at all.