Lean-to Conservatory Prices

Buying a Conservatory UK

Lean-to Conservatory PricesThe entire perspective of your property and the way you use it will alter when you add a budget conservatory to your house.

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In effect you are creating a whole new space. With such a wide choice of conservatories open to your selection, the most suitable size and structure is all the more important. The critical aspects of size shape and suitable materials require careful consideration.

Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

  • Size will be your first consideration. The size of your proposed conservatory will be determined by the use you wish to put it to. If, for instance the conservatory is intended for reading and relaxing – a sort of sun room, then it would not require being too large. But if you intend it to be an adjunct to your kitchen and double up as a dining room then it would need to be larger. Keep in mind that when you consider your area you are measuring the internal floor dimensions of your conservatory. Most suppliers consider the outer area bounded by the walls and quote accordingly.
  • The shape is of next concern which is a factor of your personal preference and that which will complement the shape of the existing house. By deciding on a shape which matches the existing design and adds to the size, you are creating an attractive addition. The shape will also be dictated by the use you plan to put the conservatory to. If you plan to put a dining table inside then it will have to be longer than if you plan only for a sofa suite.
  • Discuss with your suppliers about the choice of materials open to you to help you make the right decision. Your selection should be based on the existing structure and be complementary to it. This also applies to your choice of colour. As far as possible you should ensure the addition appears as a natural extension. An original design in window shape or the use of novel materials would add to the charm without detracting from the overall look you wish to present.
  • In summer the conservatory like a greenhouse could become very warm and add to the warmth of your home. Conversely in winter, if not designed properly and with the right materials, the conservatory could lose you heat and send your heating bill sky high. Pending money on the right insulating materials, glazing system and roofing is a good investment which will retain heat in the cooler months and save you money. Energy saving blinds is another good investment which will add to your personal comfort.

Don’t forget to check if you need permission for this added conservatory before construction commences. Also get as many quotes as you can – three at least, to give you a fair idea of the going rate. Get to know your builders. It’s important to feel comfortable with them as you’ll have to interact with them every day during building.

If you follow these points before embarking on your project, then you’re on the right road to building yourself a great conservatory.