Double Glazing Price Guide

Benefits of double glazed windows & doors

Double Glazing Price GuideAs we all know, there is a price and a cost for everything we do, or don’t do, but in this particular case we are referring to having energy efficient double glazed windows & doors fitted to the family home. Find out more here:

It’s for sure that you have heard or read about the fact that replacing old doors and windows with modern energy efficient upvc windows and doors will lower home energy costs, but is that all you get? Let’s investigate further and start with the headline of rising energy costs.

“British Gas has stunned households across the UK by announcing a rise in gas and electricity prices of 18% and 16%, just eight months after it raised its prices by 7%” (, Friday 8 July 2011)

“Cash-strapped families face a stinging 50 per cent rise in their gas and electricity bills in the next four years, analysts warned last night.”  ( 14 May 2011)

Taking the gas example, this kind of increase (whilst outrageous) could double your bills every 5 years. Ouch! The mail also says in the same article, that the average house hold bill could increase by £500 in 3 years’ time (that’s on top of whatever you may be paying right now). Double ouch!

So I would suggest that any steps a householder can take to reduce energy consumption is like “putting money in the bank”. Clearly saving money is a big motivator, but what about the “hidden” benefits of fitting good quality windows and doors?

Improving the quality of family life

Being in a home that is warm and comfortable, draught free, without all that messy condensation that builds up around the windows surely has a value?

Reducing the noise pollution from the world outside the window, giving you peace and quiet in your own home surely has a value?  For example, heavy traffic or shouting can hit 90 decibels and exposure to this kind of sound intensity over a long period is proven to damage hearing.

Knowing that when you close the doors and windows at night you have very high levels of personal security, from multi-point & pick proof locks, tempered safety glass and anti-lift patio doors. Surely that peace of mind has a value?

Every 37 seconds a UK house is burgled. There are more than 1 million burglaries or attempted burglaries every year in UK. More than a fifth of homes have more than one burglary per year.  13% burgled twice, 7% three or more. 70% of burglars break in through a door:

As I mentioned at the start, there is a price and a cost for everything we do, or don’t do – but given what is written above, can you afford not to install good quality replacement upvc windows and doors?